LPRH partners

6 Countries and 11 Partners have directly been invovled and have actively contributed to the Label Pro RH project.
The FMRH (Fédération Méditerranéenne des Ressources Humaines) was the key coordinator supported by the MAC-Team European network.With the support of local professional associations, the Label Pro RH content was developed through European EQF/ECVET frameworks and tested in 5 countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey) in 2011.


The Partners of the Label Pro RH project from 2009-2011 were (by country order):

MAC-TeamBE - MAC-TEAM aisbl.
MAC-Team is the European Multi-Actors Cooperation network. "aisbl" stands for international not-for-profit association under the Belgian law.
"Multi Actors" means that MAC-Team originates or participates to projects in which all the stakeholders of a problem or a topic are involved at a stage or another stage of the project in order to find appropriate solutions.

AEDIPEES - AEDIPE - Asociacion Espanola de Direccion y Desarrollo de Personas.

ESADEES - ESADE - Escuela Superior de Administration y Direccion de Empresas.
ESADE is a modern, outward-looking academic institution, which contributes to the development of competent, critically minded individuals from its two educational areas: the ESADE Business School and the ESADE Law School.

ANDRH FMRHFR - ANDRH (/ FMRH) - Association Nationale des Directeurs de Ressources Humaines.
With more than 5 000 members, organized in 80 local groups, professionals' biggest community of the human resources all over France. ANDRH is involved in international networks: EAPM, WFPMA, FMRH, around committees(commissions) and working groups which give rise to publications on Training, Professional Support, Coaching and Good Practices identification.

ESCEMFR - ESCEM- Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management.
ESCEM is linked to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Tours and Poitiers, and delivers VET to answer the needs of the enterprises.

ESSECFR - ESSEC - Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales.

AIDPIT - AIDP - Associazione Italiana per la Direzione del Personale.
AIDP aims at enhancing the professionalism of its members and serving as an active component in the process of developing human resources in the workplace to promote the primary inalienable importance of the individual and human dignity in the workplace and society at large.

DITEAIT - DITEA - Facoltà di Economia - Università degli Studi di Genova.
Ditea is a Department in the University of Genoa and is linked to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Genoa and with Confindustria, the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies of Genoa.

APGPT - APG - Association Portugaise des Gestionnaires et Techniciens en Ressources Humaines.
The Portuguese Association of Human Resource Managers (APG) has about 1 500 members coming from governmental and private organisations: health care services, consultancy, training and development, assurance, financial sectors, public utility.

ISLAPT - ISLA - Instituto Politécnico de Gestão e Tecnologia de Vila Nova de Gaia.
ISLA was founded in 1962 and is the oldest private institution of superior education in Portugal. Some key fields are: Management, Human Resources, Tourism, IT, languages and Safety Engineering.

AKDENIZTK - AKDENIZ University - Faculty of Economics and Administratives Sciences.