food drink EuropeFoodDrinkEurope launched its 2013-2014 Competitiveness Report, urging EU institutions to deliver an industrial policy tailored to increase the competitiveness of the food and drink sector.


FoodDrinkEurope's report, entitled 'Promoting an EU Industrial Policy for Food and Drink' aims to:

  • Present the latest economic performance figures of the EU food and drink industry;
  • Demonstrate clearly that the industry maintains the characteristics of a stable, non-cyclical and robust manufacturing sector;
  • Highlight that the EU food and drink industry continues to generate the largest percentage of EU GDP, ahead of other important sectors such as engineering, automobile and chemicals;
  • Show that the industry is striving to keep pace with international competition in terms of export market shares, private R&D investment and labour productivity.

With this report, Europe's food and drink manufacturers stress the need for an EU industrial policy tailored to increase the sector's innovation and export performances. The report also calls for the establishment of a permanent High Level Forum to enforce this policy.

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