18-20 March 14 Location: Luxembourg Info

Leonardo da Vinci European project on the certification of academic tutors

The Certitude project deals with a dimension related to the improvement of vocational dimension that spreads across all education and training areas in Europe: the certification of academic tutors. The global rise of sandwich training systems requires higher needs in management and quality support of trainees.
This meeting regroups all the partners of the CERTITUDE project to validate the work done on/with the group of experts piloting the certification process before the commercial launch planned for October 2014.

MAC_Team participates to the CERTITUDE project
A short description of the Tutor Certification project is available in the current projects section.


Tutor Competences specifications

Academic Tutors in VET are teachers who execute specific tasks to facilitate the relationship between the student, the enterprise and the school. They then highly contribute to the quality of learning and the professionalisation of learners thanks to their great efficacy.

Therefore, their capacity to ensure correct structure and quality of tutoring will allow:
- consolidation and development of their professional capacity
- securing their professional pathway
- technical and commercial differentiation for their employers.

The CERTITUDE project aims to address the expectations of professionals in education in relation with the ISO 17024 standard.

The competencies expected for these academic tutors have been formalized, shared and validated with a group of sector experts for the sake of transparency and recognition of the profile.This competence specification is a key to the implementation of the certification scheme.

More info: www.tutor-certification.eu