Alaxia - Eveon - DTFThe ALIPEX development program seeks to provide cystic fibrosis (CF) patients with a new-generation inhalation treatment efficient in fighting severe respiratory infections, including those resistant to antibiotics.

This treatment, based on three major innovations, respectively developed by three companies in France's Rhône-Alpes region – ALAXIA, EVEON and DTF Medical – benefits from the collaboration with two research laboratories.

The ALIPEX development program has been granted support from Bpifrance, as part of its Strategic Industrial Innovation program, asserting the potential of this major therapeutic and technological breakthrough, with possible applications beyond the treatment of this rare disease (CF).

ALX-009, the candidate treatment, is developed by Alaxia as leader of the consortium. Combination of molecules from the innate defense system, ALX-009 acts on severe respiratory infection. . This innovative complementary therapeutic option would respond to a currently unmet medical need. ALX-009, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial treatment has proven to be efficient both in vitro and in vivo when used on bacterial strains with multiple resistance to antibiotics or agglutinated in biofilm.
At the same time, DTF Medical is developing a high-performance nebulizer to optimize the pulmonary deposit of the active substance.
Eveon is developing innovative purpose-built production technology to enable patients to use ALX-009 at home.


The project merges three major innovations being developed by three independent companies and two laboratories, working together on the full value chain, from R&D to industrial production and marketing. The consortium has been granted over €10 million to enable the successful completion of the project and to market the treatment as quickly as possible to fight the effects of Burkholderia cepacia, opportunistic bacteria that invades the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients, for which there is currently no treatment.

Beyond the development of this specific therapeutic solution, Bpifrance's financial support will allow each of the consortium members to strengthen their expertise and develop their technological potential.
Bpifrance's commitment to the ALIPEX program is designed to reinforce Alaxia, Eveon, DTF Medical and their partners. The program combines three breakthrough innovations which could, over time, revolutionize inhalation treatments and facilitate their use at home to deal with the most serious respiratory infections, an important need given the current increase of antibioresistance.

Bpifrance's contribution complements the €15 million in public and private funding raised by Alaxia since its inception and is a significant boost for the Lyon-based startup as it enters its critical growth phase.
Alaxia, supported by the STRAGEN Group, a pharmaceutical shareholder, Eveon and DTF Medical are pooling their resources to bring this candidate treatment to market as quickly as possible. Clinical studies are scheduled to start by the end of 2014.

About Bpifrance's Strategic Industrial Innovation programs

The SII program encourages the emergence of European champions. It supports ambitious, innovative and collaborative industrial projects for small and medium-sized companies (up to 5000 employees). These projects have a high potential in that they are focused on bringing breakthrough technologies to the marketplace, spurred on with the support of public funding. Aid, generally for amounts between €3 and €10 million, comes in the form of subsidies and refundable advance payments.

Created through legislation at the end of 2012, Bpifrance (Banque Publique d'Investissement) is an offshoot of the collaboration between OSEO, the FSI, CDC Entreprises and FSI Régions. Its two shareholders are the French State and the Caisse des Dépôts. Its remit is to support companies of all sizes, from their startup phase to their IPO, through credit, guarantees and working capital. Bpifrance also offers enhanced support services for innovation, exporting and strategic acquisitions. It has 42 regional offices in France and is a unique contact point for entrepreneurs seeking financial support or investment funding.

About DTF Medical

DTF Medical, (which stands for "La Diffusion Technique Française" – French Technical Distribution), has been a family-owned company for three generations. Founded in St. Etienne in 1951, it designs, develops, produces and distributes quality innovative medical devices and systems for use in aerosol therapy, breastfeeding and the prevention and treatment of chronic wounds. DTF Medical was founded to develop the first nebulizing aerosol generators in France and has grown to be a leader in its field. Backed-up by a high level R&D team (, it works closely with Inserm teams and the Respiratory Pathologies Research Center of the François Rabelais University of Medicine in Tours. In these endeavors, DTF Medical focuses on the development of innovative high-performance systems for the treatment through nebulization of respiratory pathologies.

About Eveon

Eveon designs and develops innovative medical systems for the secure and automated preparation or administration of medicines. With facilities in France and the US, Eveon has won the national award of the French Ministry of Higher Education and research and has won other distinctions, including the "Innovative Product of the Year" Prize awarded by Usine Nouvelle. Eveon is also the first company of the Minalogic Cluster to have been granted an innovation label.

About Alaxia

Founded in 2008, Alaxia is an innovative biotechnology company focusing on the development of new therapies to deal with the most serious respiratory diseases. Collaborating with the Stragen group since 2011, the company is based in Lyon, in the heart of a cluster of world-class life science companies. Alaxia owns several patents and is building its pipeline through inhouse R&D carried out on its peroxidase platform.

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